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Compass Council Meet in London Docklands

Our Compass Council have recently met up and shared some great ideas about the governance of our schools. We were hosted by Moody’s Investor Services on floor 14 of 1 Canada Square.

It was a great experience to be sat around a large table in a conference room. Two pupils from each school were chosen to represent their school and were tasked with presenting what their School Council had been active in achieving. From charity work to supporting the Mayor of Greenwich with various projects, schools exchanged achievements and gave inspiration for what they could do as part of their School Council. We then looked at what we could achieve at Trust level. Compass Council presented initiatives that would have a positive impact on all children in the Compass Trust of schools. Pupils agreed the top priority was making our schools as eco-friendly as possible. Other ideas included having a greater say in the school lunch menu and the possibility of a Trust-wide careers fair. Pupils returned to their school and have discussed the meeting with their School Council. We will match ambition with realistic expectations at our next meeting to formulate an action plan ready to implement across all our schools.