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Compass Virtual Concert

After two years of pandemic uncertainty an alternative to our annual compass music event was found with the addition of our schools in Essex. On Thursday 24th March @ 18.00, ten of our compass schools joined together virtually, for our very first on-line music event.

Preparations started back in December with the theme of ‘We are One’ being agreed. A fitting heading as it welcomed our new schools and encompassed the themes of unity, harmony and diversity. With this decided, schools then signed up to learn three songs, one individual and two shared.

Lots of practises later, videos of the children performing from all participating schools were uploaded. Next ensued the enormous task of editing the individual songs and making compilations of the shared ones.

Finally, with the editing complete and links sent to all our compass parents and carers the event went live. The children did themselves, their schools and their families proud. The event gave everyone a real sense that ‘We are One’.