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The Compass Vision

Our Mission

Shaping the future, transforming lives

The Compass Partnership of Schools is an ethical and ambitious learning community that seeks to inspire every child to value their education, know themselves, understand others and work to create a fair, just and sustainable society.

Our Values are:





Vision and ethos statement

We are an innovative group of schools collaborating to transform lives, with social justice at the heart of everything we do. Our shared vision and values guide each child to become curious, enthusiastic, resilient and confident. We value learning as a creative endeavour and boldly map the journey ahead so that our children are able to successfully navigate and discover their limitless opportunities.

Ethical Leadership Statement

The premise of ethical leadership at Compass is to behave in a way that models Nolan’s Principles of Public Life, whereby decision making is underpinned by a framework of values. Our words, actions and practices develop to promote social engagement and challenge inequality and injustice.

This framework also protects individuals and organisations from the perverse effects of external pressures and accountability measures so that decisions are ethical and do not compromise integrity.

Our policies aim to achieve clarity for all, underpinning our ethical approach. Short term, reactionary measures do not offer sustainability, therefore we aim to support leaders in schools to focus on the long-term cohesion of the school and Trust community.

‘To do right’ is ambiguous – we can only be sure that what we choose to do is ethical – it does no harm to the emotional, physical, social and reputational well-being of individuals and schools. What constitutes right and what constitutes wrong is a value judgement.

At Compass, we seek to do no harm. We strive to achieve the very best outcomes across the curriculum thereby ensuring all children make exceptional progress and leave us as confident young people, ready for the future ahead of them.

Pupil Voice

Our children are playing a vital role in shaping the future of the Compass Partnership of Schools. Two children from each of our schools are nominated to become members of our Compass Council each year, which was set up to bring children together and provide a platform for them to participate in decision making across the Trust. School leaders meet regularly with representatives from both the Compass Council and seven school councils, to expand on their ideas and incorporate their feedback into the development of our partnership. The Compass Council has developed the ‘11 before 11’ and ‘16 before 16’, the key experiences that they believe children attending a Compass School should experience by the ages of 11 and 16 years.

The Compass Parent Forum

Schools exist in and for their communities and are an integral part of strong, resilient social networks that support young people to grow and flourish. At the Compass Partnership we want our schools to be the best they can be and to build on the collective aspirations of community stakeholders so that we meet the needs of our young people socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, culturally and academically. To do this well we have to listen; listen to the many voices in our communities so that we have a deep understanding of what we do well and what still needs to be improved. We also need to listen so that we can harness the skills and expertise in our communities in order that we enrich the educational offer and connect our young people with the world beyond the school gates.

To help us realise these aspirations we understand that parents have a key voice in the development and improvement of our Trust and the individual schools within it.

To facilitate a strong and meaningful engagement we have established a Trust Parent Forum that meets three times a year to:

  • Feedback to senior leaders and trustees on the quality of education provided
  • Feedback on and support the formation of key policies
  • Develop and promote ideas and strategies for community engagement
  • Support the ethos and values of the trust

The Parent Forum is a consultative, advisory group with the purpose of providing support and challenge to the Trust. It does not carry any legal weighting.

Each school elects two representatives for up to two years.

School Data Highlights

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there are no data tables for the 2019/20 academic year