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Welcome message from our CEO


Welcome to the Compass Partnership of Schools. We are a charitable trust of 13 schools that work as one to achieve the very best for all children and all communities. We aim to inspire all children to engage confidently with the world and develop the knowledge and skills from across the curriculum that enable them to thrive. By working as one, we maximise the knowledge and skills of all the adults in our schools. We share the very best practice and learning from the research that will make a difference to the progress and achievement of all children.

Compass is optimistic for the future, ambitious for all, and focused on building individual and collective resilience. We aim to support children in becoming confident and responsible citizens who contribute positively to society in a manner that maximises their strengths and helps build a better tomorrow. We want children to know that they can be the change makers, both now and in the future.

Our schools are committed to providing a fully inclusive environment for learning that actively promotes social justice and equity, empowering all to achieve. We create cognitively challenging contexts for learning and build deep and rich knowledge, through precise and direct teaching approaches. The Compass Curriculum is ambitious, challenging and creative, carefully sequencing knowledge so that children are supported in building a deep understanding across all subject areas. We believe in the importance of providing a high-quality experience of the arts and physical education as part of a curriculum that builds health and well-being individually and collectively.

We value and promote the ethos of each school, ensuring it is firmly at the heart of its community. As a civic trust we understand the important role we play in our local context and seek to build rich connections with local organisations and community groups. Through collaboration, we seek to build on the strengths that exist within our schools so that our collective intellectual capital benefits our broader Compass community. 

Compass is community-centred and community-engaged. We aim to be the best we can possibly be for every community we serve and to realise the aspirations held for every young person who learns with us.

John Camp OBE
Chief Executive Officer